Healthy Strong Fit Method

Why: We are changing the way healthcare is delivered.

How: We help pain-free athletes progress from beginner to mastery, in activities that bring them joy, i.e. we help them Return to Play, using a movement-focused, education-driven curriculum.

  1. Screen, Assess, Test, Re-Test
    Usually this means the athlete will do a version of the Functional Movement Screen and/or our own core assessment. An assessment can also include NeuroKinetic Therapy.
  2. Thoughtful Exercise Selection and Programming
    For a complete look at our programming, check out our Movement Manifesto and a few sample programs.
  • We do the majority of our sessions in private or semi-private (2 – 4 athletes) classes.
  • The majority of our sessions are 30 minutes but some are 60 minutes long.
  • We do some distance coaching, but people progress most quickly if we spend time with them in person.
  • Each athlete has their own program