Education-driven training focusing on and measuring movement quality
Education-driven training focusing on and measuring movement quality

Healthy Strong Fit Method – Overview

The Healthy Strong Fit Method (HSFM) is the result of many discussions my wife and I have had regarding including healthy lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise, into standard practice medical care. The HSF Method was designed to be “prescribed” by a licensed health care practitioner (LHCP) to their patients. While the target audience for the HSFM are patient athletes who are new to exercise or those who have had an acute injury and want to “return to play,” I know some competitive athletes who use parts of this method as part of their preparation and/or recovery practice

The overall goals for the HSFM are as follows:

  • Easy to start: It should be easy to refer a patient to this program and it should be easy for the patient to start at home.
  • Specific: The program should be specific in two ways: Specific to the patients issues, whether it is back pain, shoulder pain, etc. but most importantly, this method is meant for a patient athlete who wants to be involved in the process, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution even though many athletes can benefit from the HSF Method. 
  • Progressive: The program should progress in an orderly way so that a patient/athlete can adjust the exercises as necessary depending on their workout environment, time constraints and how they are feeling that day.

By being easy to start, specific and progressive, the HSF Method will thoroughly prepare athletes to return to activities that bring joy to them, with the focus on developing ownership of quality athletic movement rather than only capacity.