Education-driven training focusing on and measuring movement quality
Education-driven training focusing on and measuring movement quality


Saul Jimenez

I provide education-driven training that focuses on and measures movement quality. I specialize in working with licensed health care practitioners to help athletes of all ages Return to Play.

As a past Outward Bound instructor, ski coach, ski instructor and river guide, Saul has coached in one way or another for over 25 years. After working in the tech industry for several years, Saul opened Mad Dawg School of Fitness in 2006 to help others find their way to fitness through a well-designed strength and conditioning program. In 2018, Saul and his wife closed Mad Dawg and moved to Reno with six bikes and almost as many cats. While he periodically returns to Redwood City/San Carlos to train athletes, he lives in Reno. (share content code “HelpMeHelpYou”)

Over the years, Saul has refined his programming and coaching and developed his own method (Mad Dawg Method) from an increasing number of strength training resources, including Dan John, Gregg Everett, Louie Simmons, Kelly Starrett, David Weinstock, and Gray Cook among many others.

When he is not training, Saul likes to go on biking and hiking adventures with his wife.

Training and Certifications:

Contact Saul at saulj at FitnessInReno dot com