Education-driven training focusing on and measuring movement quality
Education-driven training focusing on and measuring movement quality
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Training at Home Resources

I realize that the way I look at programming is not for everyone. Or, maybe, people want to invest in some equipment for their own home gym. Here is a list of resources for you for all of the above.


Here are some at home workout equipment suggestions in order of low expense and high utility.

  1. Furniture Sliders: You probably already have these, if not, get some at the local hardware store or on Amazon. We will can use these daily. These are also good, a little smaller.
  2. 2 x elitefts™ Pro Mini Resistance Band and, a good addition because they are so cheap, 1 x elitefts™ Pro Micro Resistance Band. These would be helpful for some exercises, 1 x elitefts™ Pro Monster Mini Resistance Band.
  3. Hip Circles: They have a sizing chart on the site, but most athletes get the medium (Level 2 resistance). I got the Hip Circle and the Hip Circle Sport Pack because I use them often with my athletes. I think the Sport Pack is more versatile even though they are twice as much. You’ll never wear these out. If you get both, use this code ( and you’ll get $10 off. These are also available on Amazon.
  4. Jump Ropes are always awesome.
  5. Mini Bands are always handy and have many uses. These should be around $10 for a set of 4.
  6. Ultimate Sandbag Core Package ~$65 incl shipping (coupon: save30) and other option is Correctives Package (includes Core bag above) ~$140 incl shipping (coupon: save30). I recently went to a workshop with the founder of DVRT/Ultimate Sandbag and he, Josh Henkin, really knows his stuff. The are also giving away free (smart) programming.
  7. Consider getting a tough pack like the 5.11 Rush 12 to use for rucking and using as weight for squats, Get-Ups, to haul around your KB, etc. However, any duffel bag or backpack will do. Here is a good collection of videos to learn how to wrap your bricks.
  8. A suspension trainer like TRX or The Infinity Trainer.
  9. If you can find a pair of KBs like this, that would be awesome. Let me know if you find a good source, they are great for lighter weight Get-Ups and Windmills. Likewise, many of the most common sizes at Kettlebell Kings are sold out. Once Kettlebell Kings are back in stock, buy them here, they’ll be a little cheaper. Doing a search for KBs, I found that Perform Better looks like they have some stock left. They charge for shipping though but it is about the same total cost as Kettlebell Kings. One last thing about KBs, I have started to use Competition KBs instead of the regular kind. I think they rack a little nicer, but it is less convenient to Goblet Squat with them. If you want help buying KBs, text, email, call me.


Some programming resources in order of how structured they are, i.e. will you be training or just exercising. I would recommend using this time out of the gym to develop skills and/or positions that you probably wouldn’t take the time to develop in the gym.

  • Our old friend Brandon, has a great, free, product out for mobility/resetting.
  • I have been a fan of Coach Rut for forever. His Maximum Effort Black Box program primarily uses barbells, but it is still good. We did this for a while at MDSoF, so let me know if you have any questions. I like MEBB because it is the “best of” a number good strength programs, curated by a coach with over 30 years experience.
  • I am huge fan of the coaches at GMB, they have a product called Elements that is only $95. While I haven’t done it myself, I have a good friend who swears by it. I like GMB because many gymnastic-y programs assume you can move like they do, these guys don’t assume that. They also have a great YouTube channel.
  • Check out Dan John University. He has a workout generator that pretty cool. The workouts come out as you’d expect, like an algorithm created them, but you can pick the equipment you have so it is pretty cool. If you decide to use this service, try coupon code CORONA to receive 3 months for $29.
  • I really like what Greg Everett is doing on IG. Olympic lifting skill drills meant to use a PVC dowel. Periodically, he also has some good conditioning workouts posted.
  • I follow Uphill Athlete which have a bunch of information about and workouts for, well, going uphill in the mountains. The demos are not awesome but the info is good. They are really good at the details of energy systems training not necessarily the exercise portion. The endurance and the strength programs are pretty straight forward body weight workouts, e.g. air squats, lunges, burpees, etc., but will definitely get your heart rate up.
  • Another great service on IG is Marcus Martinez of Kettlebellexercises. Lots of great ideas and really playful take on training.
  • Finally, for inspiration, I have to add the Hunky Guy video (This is Animal Flow), and all of Onnit’s videos on YouTube and on their site and, of course, Do you Even Lift?

Let me know if you have any other sites that have good training and I will add them.